Four Buildings. One Goal.

  • The Outpatient Department includes the pharmacy, five consultation rooms, two bedrest/emergency rooms, as well as a treatment room for minor procedures.
  • The Laboratory features state-of-the art equipment and dedicated laboratory personnel.
  • The Operating Theater has two operating rooms and two recovery rooms for non-obstetric surgeries.
  • The Maternity Ward includes one antenatal ward,two delivery rooms,two postnatal recovery rooms,an operating theater with separate recovery room and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Fast Facts

  • Will eventually employ 33, treating 10,000 patients per year
  • Local patients to pay 20% of actual cost
  • $650,000 annual operating budget

In addition, the health center will offer family planning services, health education, referrals, and even transportation when needed. Although care for mothers and infants is a large part of the mission, EHCO will provide comprehensive medical care to the entire region.

Our Partners

Project C.U.R.E, the world's largest distributor of donated medical equipment, has donated a 40-foot shipping container filled with equipment and other supplies valued at between $200,000 and $300,000.

Maternity Africa provides housing and advanced care for patients with obstetric fistulas, along with free, in-depth labor management training for EHCO staff, because the best fistula treatment is prevention.

Myriad USA serves as our American funding portal, our main hub for net-working with other organizations, as well as a key supporter of our colleagues at Maternity Africa.

Rotary Clubs several rotary clubs in South Riverside Counties (South California ) have joined together to provide us with lab equipment that was not available through Project  C.U.R.E . without it, we would not be able to open.

"Project C.U.R.E. has donated a 40-foot shipping container of startup medical equipment and supplies valued at $200,000 - $300,000 USD. They will significantly improve access to comprehensive, quality health care services for the thousands of men, women and children of the Engaruka community.


Once EHCO is operating in 2024, women with life-threatening labor complications will no longer have to travel long distance over roads that are impassable in rainy season. Sick infants will have the care they need.  Thousands of people will have both health care and health education near home

In the rainy season, roads to distant healthcare become impassible.

"I understand Dr Msuya to be a highly professional and capable individual, and that Government officials and others have endorsed his work. I am delighted to recommend EHCO in connection with its proposal to partner with KBFUS."

-Michael Hynds, Interim Country Director, Maternity Africa