A Health Center in Rural Tanzania

Dr. Msuya began with his lifelong dream of providing quality maternal/child healthcare to rural areas of his home country, partnering with Dr. Costello, he formed an NGO, the Engaruka Healthy Community Organization.  Our team of local physicians, nurses and other professionals, hand-picked by Dr. Msuya, is excited to partner with the people of Engaruka and surrounding areas as well as with the Global Community.

The project is endorsed by the Tanzanian Health Department and backed by global partners such as Project C.U.R.E and the King Baudouin Foundation, which also backs our partners at Maternity Africa in nearby Arusha.


To be the first choice in health care for the rural community by providing timely and high quality medical care especially to women during pregnancy and delivery and to children less than five years.


To work closely with rural communities in advancing medical care and services by providing quality and affordable health care to marginalized communities in rural Tanzania.

“I became a physician to stop tragedies like the one I saw in my village as a child, when a neighbor mother died with her baby after hours of obstructed labor; a horrific ordeal that medical care could have prevented.

“Later, in medical school, I saw that many women dying in childbirth were also from rural areas like mine, often arriving at the hospital too late after long journeys that only began after hours of failed labor. Today, I am very grateful to be able to help these women and infants, and to see Engaruka finally getting the health centre it deserves.”

-Dr. Walii Msuya