Remote Village/Global Connection

Welcome to the village of Engaruka, Tanzania.  A charming place beneath the snows of Kilimanjaro; also, home of the strong and resilient Maasai people who unfortunately have no access to quality healthcare.

Hence, Dr. Walii Msuya is focusing here to fulfill his lifelong dream and creating the first health center, called EHCO. A symbol of pride, hope, and commitment to the wellbeing of his people, many in this community anxiously await its opening. They are not alone, as this remote village has global footprints.

After working with Dr. Msuya in 2018, American family physician Dr. Lauri Costello recognized their shared vision for inclusive, equitable, quality healthcare, especially for women and children.  She ultimately donated her inheritance and additional savings totaling more than $450,000 to begin construction.

Despite EHCO's remote location in Engaruka, the area is becoming less remote with the paving of the road between Loliondo and Mto Wa addition to global connections through the likes of Dr. Costello and tourism.

Whether you are a young person interested in community development or a philanthropist interested in healthcare, a researcher, policymaker, or safari-goer...we welcome you!

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To Address The Most Basic Issue Of All:

Access To Quality Healthcare!


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